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One Handed Keyboard for Iphone 8 Plus & Iphone X !


One Handed Keyboard for Iphone 8 Plus & Iphone X !

M.Murad January 5, 2018

One Handed Keyboard Feature For iphone 8 plus & iphone x !

Apple decided to put a solution for those people who wants to use their devices with one hand & by that i mean the One Handed Keyboard.

They came up with an idea to put the One Handed Feature On their system & with this if you use your device with your right hand you can select the keyboard position (Right).

To get this feature make sure that you have installed the latest ios 11 update on your device. then go ahead and tap and hold the Emoji icon in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard to bring up the input switcher.

As you can see you can change your keyboard’s position to Right Or Left.

You can also set a default position for your keyboard by going to your device SettingsGeneralKeyboard – One Handed Keyboard.

That’s It.


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