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Reasons why the galaxy note 8 is better than the Iphone X !

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Reasons why the galaxy note 8 is better than the Iphone X !

M.Murad December 4, 2017

Reasons why the galaxy note 8 is better than the Iphone X !

We all know that both the note 8 & the iphone X are clearly high quality devices but if we take a look a bit deeper we’ll clearly see that the Note 8 is better … now let’s get right into it.

1- Dual Sim + an option to Replace the 2nd sim with SD card “You can add up to 256GB“.

2- Fast Charging Adapter inside the box (Save Your Money) – you won’t get it with the Iphone X if you want to use the fast charging on your Iphone X then you have to buy a “Fast Charging Adapter for it”.

3- Better Water Resistance, The Note 8 has (IP68) water resistant rating – The Iphone X has (IP67) water resistant rating.

4- The 3.5 mm Audio Jack: still available in the Note 8 – it has been removed from the Iphone X.

5- A lot of security options: the note 8 features “Fingerprint Scanner + Facial Recognition + Iris Scanner” – The Iphone X features the Face ID as the best security option “Which is Not“.

6- The Beautiful Screen: you’ll get a full 6.3 Super Amoled display without any notch or cutout bar on the screen like the Iphone X.

7- S Pen: you’ll get tons of features with the S Pen on your Note 8 like “Live Message + Screen Off Memo + much more…“.

8- Samsung DeX: you can easily turn your Note 8 into PC & enjoy PC-like experience.

More info about Samsung DeX Here: (DeX)

9- The Multitasking Feature: Samsung also added another feature this year called “App Pair” you can easily open 2 apps with a single click, and enjoy your multitasking with that amazing big screen.

well, i think these are the main features that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note Note 8 a better choice than the Iphone X.

if you have any other feature to add, you can easily let me know by commenting down below.


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