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Android 8.1 Oreo Update is rolling out: what’s new ?

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Android 8.1 Oreo Update is rolling out: what’s new ?

M.Murad December 5, 2017

The Latest Android 8.1 Features

The stable & final build of Android 8.1 is rolling out today, December 5. and for sure there will be some changes in the UI + it’ll bring some new features with it, so let’s see what the latest update brought to us.

1- Alerts for battery consumption.

there was some noticeable changes on the interface of the “Battery Manager” & it went through minor refinements + better monitor for apps that consume more battery life on your device, there will be a special notification about a specific application’s battery usage details (it appears on the notification bar & on your Lock Screen).

You can play with the settings of the app once you’ve clicked on the notification.

Android 8.1 also gives you some details about the apps that are running in the background like requesting for an update when your screen is turned off.


2- Visual Core.

this feature is really good for those guys who owns [Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2 XL] because at this time only the apps that are running on the mentioned devices can take advantage of this integration.

first of all this chipset is restricted to the camera software.

it offers a functional, real-time feature that gives you a great result in contrast and color.


3- Interface Changes.

Google decided to go with darker interface colors this time on the main menus, widgets, and the main Dock when a black-colored wallpaper is applied.

Google is allowing the developers to take their time customizing their apps interface to suit the color of your wallpaper.


4- TensorFlow Lite.

It’s really good for developers to optimize the artificial intelligence of their apps through TensorFlow Lite.

this means that apps like Google Assistant will be smarter and integrated.


5- Some Optimizations for Devices with 1GB Ram.

It’ll be a bit hard to say that devices with 1GB Ram also gets the 8.1 Oreo update but google is trying their best to let these devices receive the simpler versions of apps and games without major impacts on overall performance.

Android 8.1 Bring these improvements:

  • New Calendar Widget.
  • Central Shortcut is now slightly transparent.
  • The Gestures menu is now highlighted in the system settings

  • Battery Level Of Bluetooth Accessories are connected to the system.
  • Improvements to the autofill system.
  • Turn Off & Restart menu has been remodeled.
  • Help & Support section has been redrawn.

You can tell me what you think about this update down in the comments section.

well, i think that this is it for this article .. thanks for being here & share it with your friends.



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